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Monday, 9 September 2013

Music Video Analysis: Biffy Clyro - Biblical


In the establishing shot, the singer is in a cluttered, averagely decorated what looks like Motel room, lying on the bed in a casual, relaxed exhausted pose staring into the distance. He then continues to open the curtains, flooding the room with light, a very powerful shot. The surrounding areas which he walks through during the video are pretty standard, a motel lobby, a bar, a public pool and a car park, keeping the tone of the video quite low. He's dressed extremely casually, a sleeveless top, skinny jeans and the typical greased, slicked back rocker hair, covered in tattoos and unshaven. In this video there are no performance shots of the band (I plan on having some in mine).


It starts off with medium shots of the singer Simon Neil, keeping a neutral tone, not showing much expression or fast movements, then switching to a tracking long shot as he walks through the various areas, and as he gets beaten down, with some more medium shots on his face as he sings.


I believe the message of this story is that whatever you do, sometimes some things are just inevitable, you just need to get back up again or avoid it completely in the first place, shown in the way he goes through the locations doing bad things, eventually getting beaten up, then cutting back to his hotel room allowing him to go through the day doing good things, still getting beaten up at the end, until eventually he decides not to leave his hotel room at all.

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