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Friday, 30 August 2013

Music Video Ideas

For my A2 practical work I have decided I want to do a Music Video, since music is my strongest point and that's what fascinated me the most out of all of the choices. One of my favourite bands Biffy Clyro, their music videos are often very well directed, quite inspiring with their use of quite odd but intriguing stories which aren't always linked to the theme of the song. I have been debating for weeks on what song I would do my music video around, and it's between Foo Fighters - Walk, or Biffy Clyro - Mountains, both are two of my favourite ever songs, so deciding is going to be quite tricky. If I choose Walk, I'll probably try and stick to a similar, conventional theme of the video (a man stressed out with his 9-5 life eventually losing it and flipping out, but in Foo Fighter's traditional comedic way), but if I choose Mountains, the video that exists for that is extremely peculiar and would be very, very hard to replicate at an academic standard. However, to me the song is about the connection of two people and how nothing will separate them, whether that be two lovers, two members of family, anything. Just an inseparable bond between two people. I recently watched one of Pixar's shorts "Paper Man", a quirky, uplifting 5 minute video of two people drawn together by fate. I'll go into further detail on that in another post, but I would quite like to combine the meaning of Mountains with the message portrayed in Paper Man, but in a realistic, non-cartoon manner.

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