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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Ancillary Progress

The spine, too, is now complete

Ancillary Progress

Finally I've added all the licensing terms and record companies etc, and the track listing and barcode.

Ancillary Progress

For the back cover, the one with the track listing, I've took photos of a guitar in a backstage area, and added similar effects as I did to the front cover.

Ancillary progress

I've now added the title, artist name and parental advisory logo to make my finished digipak front cover

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Ancillary Progress

So far I've added a variety of effects to the original image such as a Gaussian Blur, adjusted Hue/Saturation, added Grain, Noise and played with the levels to create a vintage effect

Monday, 3 February 2014


Filming is well underway! Got all the test shots done, angles decided upon and some live footage sorted and almost edited, all is looking positive

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Narrative Theory

There are various theorists to pay attention to when it comes to Media Studies and the narratives within, two of the most significant being Todorov and Propp.


Todorov came up with the theory that the majority of films etc follow the same structure:

Recognition of the conflict
Attempt to repair the conflict
Reinstate a New Equilibrium.


Propp developed the theory that most films follow a general list of character types:

False Hero

These all may seem like random terms when they're laid out like that in front of you, but lets apply them to a film. In this case I'll use Disney classic Beauty and the Beast, as Disney structure tends to be almost written by the book with these theories in mind.


Hero - Belle - She is the one who saves the Beast and returns him to being human.

Princess - Beast - He is the one in need of saving overall

Helper - Lumier and Cogsworth - They are the ones who give advice to both Belle and the Beast and provide comedy

Donor - The Enchantress - She gives the Beast the rose, which seems like a curse but is to teach him how to love, a blessing overall

Villain - Gaston - He is the one who disrupts the equilibrium and wishes to bring harm

Dispatcher - Phillippe the Horse - He comes and gets Belle to take her to the castle, and makes her save her father

False Hero - Gaston - He doesn't appear a hero to the audience, but to all of the town folk and everyone else in the film he is a man worthy of admiration.


Equilibrium - Belle dancing around the town at the start, living a peaceful life, everything seems fine
Disruption - Her father gets taken prisoner by Beast
Recognition - Phillippe comes to pick her up and takes her to save her father
Attempt to fix disruption - Belle gives herself as prisoner so her father can go free
THERE IS THEN A SECOND DISRUPTION - Gaston attacks the castle
2nd attempt to fix - Battle between Beast and Gaston
New Equilibrium - Belle and Beast and everyone involved live happily ever after, as humans.