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Monday, 16 September 2013

Roles I will need to fulfill


Since I am working on my own, I will need to do all of the planning myself, in terms of coming up with a storyboard for the story-side of the video and also the arrangement of the live performance parts of the video. I will also need to decide what outfits, instruments, positions, shots, sounds, angles, and edits to use, along with when and where we will be filming.

Camera work
Unless some friends will be willing to lend a hand, I'll probably be doing most of the camera work myself, except from when I'm the one being filmed. Therefore I'll be positioning the static tripod cameras, holding any tracking cameras, choosing when a good time to cut will be, and all other cameraman related tasks.

Acting is one of the most vital components of a music video. Without convincing actors, the video will come across as extremely amateur and people won't bother taking it seriously, therefore I need to make sure that mine and anyone else involved's acting is the best it can be.

Once all the filming is done, I will be the one in charge of editing it all together, choosing the length of shots, what shots to use, how they all fit together, and making sure the audio fits in sync with the video.

Seeking Permission From the Record Label

As there are multiple copyright and trademark rules, I decided it would be best to seek permission from Biffy Clyro's label 14th Floor Records before using their song in my video. Even if they don't reply, I can still say I asked, and presumed since there was no reply I was okay to use it.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Analysis of Everybody's Screaming A-LEVEL FINAL


The band are performing in a large open space, most likely a stage, performance hall or rehearsal space, typical of the rock music video genre, wearing casual clothing with messed up hairstyles, their instruments and a casual yet aggressive attitude about them. Story-wise, the protagonist is wearing typical office wear in a typical office setting, with anger in his expression showing he's stuck in a dead end 9-5 job which he "cant break free" from.  Therefore during the video via his expressions and actions it shows the progression of the anger inside him until he eventually snaps, but then the video is played in reverse until he wakes up in the morning, to show it was only a dream.


There is a variety of close ups to show expression, medium shots on individuals in the band as they perform or act, extreme long shots to show the entire band playing, or simple long shots during the acting, e.g someone walking around or talking to someone else. Also, as the chaos builds, the editing speed increases to add emphasis to the hectic-ness of the scenes.

Music Video Analysis: Swedish House Mafia - Antidote


The video's setting is a typical and conventional location of a nightclub, where countless other dance/electronic music videos are set, flooded with neon lights, which also fit with the Japanese hi tech settings. Throughout, there are numerous sightings of scantily clad women, strippers, money lying around, men in sharp suits, showing a divide in genders implying women are inferior and there to serve the men. Also, lighting wise, as everything begins to get serious and darken in mood, the lights darken and everything starts to become sinister and brooding.


There video is interestingly filmed in one long POV shot all the way through, no edits or cuts, seeming like something out of a first person shooter videogame, again going with modern technology. This breaks conventions and in my opinion pushes the bar for dance music videos to a whole new level.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Music Video Analysis: Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man


The mise en scene throughout the whole video depicts an abandoned country/farm room or stage, with a number of lights draped across the scene in a country carnival fashion, everything seems really old fashioned and slightly southern, presenting quite a folk image to fit with the music.


Throughout, there are long shots of the entire band playing to the camera, putting the audience in the room as if the band are performing to them. Then there are close ups of individuals such as the singer, the other band members and sometimes instruments. The whole entire video is performance focused, there is no story like other videos.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Music Video Analysis: Biffy Clyro - Biblical


In the establishing shot, the singer is in a cluttered, averagely decorated what looks like Motel room, lying on the bed in a casual, relaxed exhausted pose staring into the distance. He then continues to open the curtains, flooding the room with light, a very powerful shot. The surrounding areas which he walks through during the video are pretty standard, a motel lobby, a bar, a public pool and a car park, keeping the tone of the video quite low. He's dressed extremely casually, a sleeveless top, skinny jeans and the typical greased, slicked back rocker hair, covered in tattoos and unshaven. In this video there are no performance shots of the band (I plan on having some in mine).


It starts off with medium shots of the singer Simon Neil, keeping a neutral tone, not showing much expression or fast movements, then switching to a tracking long shot as he walks through the various areas, and as he gets beaten down, with some more medium shots on his face as he sings.


I believe the message of this story is that whatever you do, sometimes some things are just inevitable, you just need to get back up again or avoid it completely in the first place, shown in the way he goes through the locations doing bad things, eventually getting beaten up, then cutting back to his hotel room allowing him to go through the day doing good things, still getting beaten up at the end, until eventually he decides not to leave his hotel room at all.