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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

For the contents page I used the same method for editing as I did with my front cover. I got an image of a signpost in the school, which originally only had 2 sections, which I selected and copied numerous times to give the 8 sections you see above. I also got rid of the original text and added my own to help navigate the magazine. Again, for the smaller images I used a border to make them stand out.

Front Cover

For the school magazine I had to design a front cover, and a contents page. The image above is my front cover. It uses all of the typical conventions of a good quality magazine. I took all of the photos used myself, so everything came from a primary source. Since we have just had a brand new renovation, including massive technology updates, I decided these would be suitable subjects to feature in the magazine. To put everything together I used Adobe Photoshop CS5. To make the writing stand out against the background image I added drop shadows and outer glows, and to make the smaller images stand out I added a border to them. 



I'm Kaan Kurt and I'm studying AS Media Studies at Heworth Grange Sixth Form. I'll be using this blog to post my progress throughout the 2 years, so it will include everything from research to flatplans, final designs and evaluations. Hope you enjoy!