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Monday, 16 September 2013

Roles I will need to fulfill


Since I am working on my own, I will need to do all of the planning myself, in terms of coming up with a storyboard for the story-side of the video and also the arrangement of the live performance parts of the video. I will also need to decide what outfits, instruments, positions, shots, sounds, angles, and edits to use, along with when and where we will be filming.

Camera work
Unless some friends will be willing to lend a hand, I'll probably be doing most of the camera work myself, except from when I'm the one being filmed. Therefore I'll be positioning the static tripod cameras, holding any tracking cameras, choosing when a good time to cut will be, and all other cameraman related tasks.

Acting is one of the most vital components of a music video. Without convincing actors, the video will come across as extremely amateur and people won't bother taking it seriously, therefore I need to make sure that mine and anyone else involved's acting is the best it can be.

Once all the filming is done, I will be the one in charge of editing it all together, choosing the length of shots, what shots to use, how they all fit together, and making sure the audio fits in sync with the video.

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