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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Analysis of Everybody's Screaming A-LEVEL FINAL


The band are performing in a large open space, most likely a stage, performance hall or rehearsal space, typical of the rock music video genre, wearing casual clothing with messed up hairstyles, their instruments and a casual yet aggressive attitude about them. Story-wise, the protagonist is wearing typical office wear in a typical office setting, with anger in his expression showing he's stuck in a dead end 9-5 job which he "cant break free" from.  Therefore during the video via his expressions and actions it shows the progression of the anger inside him until he eventually snaps, but then the video is played in reverse until he wakes up in the morning, to show it was only a dream.


There is a variety of close ups to show expression, medium shots on individuals in the band as they perform or act, extreme long shots to show the entire band playing, or simple long shots during the acting, e.g someone walking around or talking to someone else. Also, as the chaos builds, the editing speed increases to add emphasis to the hectic-ness of the scenes.

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