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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Attracting an audience

There are several ways in which I believe my project will attract my target audience (teenagers roughly my age):

  • Biffy Clyro are a current band, rapidly climbing the ladder to massive amounts of fame, and are becoming increasingly popular amongst people of all ages
  • The people in the video are all the same age as me, therefore it will appeal more to people our age, and obviously we're all good looking people, attracting all the girls (JOKING)
  • The video itself is rather generic, with a theme of romance, which also plays well with young adults
  • Plently of other bands have the similar style of videos, grungy heavy live sides entwined with a softer, lovey dovey story, providing an appealing contrast to the audience.
  • The image of the people in the video goes hand in hand with the music, we won't be dressed formally, instead we will be very informal, messed up hair and jumping around hopefully

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