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Monday, 1 July 2013

Preliminary Task - Chase Sequence

A few days ago we got divided into groups, members picked at random. My group ended up being Me, Callum and Ryan. We were assigned the task of making a short chase sequence.

Firstly, we walked around examining separate locations while planning some possible narratives. We found as suitable place to film that suited our plan and went looking for someone to help with the acting. One of our friends who was on a free, and was quite good at running etc ended up lending a helping hand, while me and Callum ended up filling the other roles, me being the chaser, and Callum being the victim

We all worked contributed when it came to the camera work, deciding which kind of shots to use, actually filming and other such things. We filmed it rather quickly, all in the space of an hour, returned to the classroom (much to the teacher's surprise) when the battery ran out, reviewed our work so far, then went back out to get some final shots or improve ones we weren't too keen on.

We had a wide variety of equipment available to us. As there was no voice acting we didn't really need any sound equipment e.g. boom mics; the plan was to overlay music to create the atmosphere anyway. However, we did use the tripod and the small handheld steadicam (which wasn't that steady) that was available. The tripod was useful for creating static shots and panning shots etc and using a variety of angles. Although the steadicam was helpful in that it was accessible and easy to set up, rather than assembling a whole tripod every time we wanted to film, meaning we could think of a shot and shoot it straight away, the steadicam did have its limitations, it wasn't perfectly helpful when we decided to run with it, I mostly ended up getting footage of the sky and my face going "oh sh*t it won't stop spinning" rather than the actual acting in front of me) and the nature of the equipment meant we couldn't shoot at any angles such as from below or from above.

Tomorrow we begin the editing, which we will do on the Macs on iMovie. Callum offered to take the footage home and colour correct it on his computer at home on Adobe premier to make the footage look a lot less bland. Neither of us have used colour correction or colour grading before, but using it for our final product will create a cinematic quality that will set it apart from other products. I have began to conceptualize the moving image I wish to create by the end of the year, and with the range of equipment and skills we have, I think it should be something to reckon with.

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